The Functions of the Director include the following:

  1. receive declarations from listed public officers;
  2. verify declarations submitted by listed public officers;
  3. recommend to the Minister the development of rules and regulations necessary for the proper implementation of this Act;
  4. ensure accessibility of this Act by the general public;
  5. generally advise public officers concerning their obligations under this Act;
  6. provide technical assistance to listed public officers on the correct method of filing declarations;
  7. annually publicize in the Gazette:-
    1. the names of listed public officers who have complied with this Act:-
    2. the names of listed public officers who have not complied with this Act; and
    3. a summary of declarations filed by each listed public officer;
  8. provide, annually, an assessment report of compliance by public officers with the provisions of this Act to the Minister who shall lay the report before the National Assembly;
  9. enforce listed public officers’ compliance with this Act by referring non-compliance with this Act to relevant employment authorities with recommendations for appropriate sanctions;
  10. upon verification of declarations, report any evidence or reasonable suspicion of criminal activity by a listed public officer to the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Police, or the Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, as the case may be; and
  11. report any elected public officer, Minister or any other listed public officer who, in the opinion of the Director, may properly be dealt with by the Monitoring Committee, to the Monitoring Committee, if such listed public officer fails to comply with the provisions of this Act.

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